Wooden magnetic knive rack, made of the finest woods, elegant and very fucnctional.

€70,00 Incl. tax

The ease of a knife rack, beauty of the wood in the kitchen.

All good cooks will agree that the most important tool in any kitchen would be a razor sharp knife. Cooking with such a tool is a pleasure in itself. To keep your knife sharp, you'll have to be kind to the cutting edge when putting your knife aside. Wood is by far the best material of choice, be it a knife rack or a block with different knives. Wood is a lot softer than the steel of the knives and won't damage the cutting edge.

We have a wide range of woods available for the knife rack. The listed products are deliverable off the shelf. Would you like a different wood sort, no problem. We make a lot of knife rack customized, in wood sort and length. We will be more than happy to participate in a special kitchen project. Best is to send us an e-mail with your thoughts and we will be glad to advise you.


Rare earth magnets, permanent and strong

Our knife racks are produced with rare earth magnets, quality class N45, the second highest strength class. These magnets are permanent and will not loose their power over time. Their strength is such that even very slim knives will stick to the rack without any problem.


Very simple installation, no need for drilling or screwing

The installation of the rack is very simple. With the knife rack you will be supplied with a metal strip, coated with two-sided sticky tape. This tape holds about 30 kg/10 cm. More than sufficient for a knife rack full of knives. In the back of the rack there is a cutout for the strip, so it will cover the strip completely. The magnets work in two directions, so it will stick the rack to the metal strip, once stuck to the wall.  

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