Cheeseboard made of the Brazilian hardwoods, tigerwood, greenheart, curupay a;ongside Dutch maple. A suitable size of 23x50 cm. - Copy

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Design breadboard of beautiful and exclusive Brazilian hardwoods

Our bread- and cheeseboards are made of the finest of woods, exclusive woods with beautiful colors and drawing. The boards are made with the woods placed lengthwise to ensure optimal visibility of the beauty these woods behold. The grains, produced by mother nature, are fully exposed. Due to the hardness of the woods, they are very suitable for cutting. If you would be looking for a real board for cutting and chopping, we advise you to take a look at our end grain chopping boards. They are more suitable for the real butchers work! 

Stylish and contemporary design.

All of our boards have a stylish and contemporary design. We keep them simple and let the wood do the talking. Sanded and sealed with foor grade oil, these are true pieces of art nature has produced. Our line of Brazilian woods have a very warm appearance. Our other lines are either much brighter (mix of Brazilian and African hardwoods) or subtle (mix of pure Dutch hardwoods). In all of our boards we seek contrasting elements of wood, contrasting but in harmony with each other. All the boards are build on a central piece of Dutch maple, to emphasize the Dutch origin of the woods. This maple is a very light colored wood, giving a good contrast for the other woods used.

Ideal as personal or corporate gift

The appreciation of natural materials is on the rise. The use of wood is no exception. In kitchens, interiors and furniture, the use of woods is surpassing artificial materials as plastics and sort. And with reason. Wood is a organic material, beautiful in appearance, close to nature. Our cheese and cutting boards are often purchased as gift for others, a symbol of a special relation. Either personal gifts, or even corporate gifts. As a corporate gift we can engrave your own company logo on  the board, giving it a personal touch. A far better and more sustainable gift then yet another bottle of wine or management book.  We could even get together and design a board of your liking, using the best woods suiting your company colors!

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